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Academic Residential Community

In an Academic Residential Community (ARC), students live together in the same residence hall, share academic experiences by participating in at least one class together, and engage in residence hall activities that reinforce the academic work. The Service-Learning Cohort ARC is led by Deanna Chappell Belcher, the Director of the Service-Learning Program, and the Academic Residential Community Assistant.  Every term, students take Service-Learning & Social Justice. During Fall Term we meet once per week (1 credit).  During Winter and Spring terms, we still meet once per week, plus we add a volunteer component of 30 hours in the community (making the course 2 credits). 


We are excited to partner with our colleagues in Residence Life to provide this opportunity for new students to get to know Eugene, and to learn about their roles as active citizens and community members. The U of O is a big place, and students want to find a niche for themselves.  On the other hand, it's not a good idea to limit your opportunities. In an ARC, students get immediately connected to a community of like-minded students, and begin creating something bigger than any one individual.  With a small intimate class and an instructor committed to first-year student development, students are supported as they explore the community and build the cohort together.  

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The Service-Learning Cohort welcomes students from any academic background, major, or interest area, regardless of previous experience.  We encourage students to focus one of the following areas: poverty, education, health, environment, or human rights. A commitment to community involvement is all that is required.

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