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Academic Study

Curriculum Progression

An example program progression represents the most common progression for classes and shows the flow of courses we use to implement our model of training. We also tie in additional program requirements, such as different components of the comprehensive examination, to coincide efficiently with your coursework. The specific sequence of courses for every student may vary from this sample course progression depending on previous coursework.

Sample 4 Year Progression (entering with bachelor's)

Master's Eligibility

Students who enter with a bachelor’s degree complete the requirements to receive a master’s degree (MS) during their time in the program. Students are eligible to receive a MS degree after they have completed 65 credits/all coursework for the first two years of the program, and complete the Pre-Dissertation Research Project.


Must be an empirical research study that makes a significant contribution to knowledge in a subject related to Prevention Science. Students work closely with their advisor or other research mentor to develop a research project and carry the project forward to completion. Many students use existing data resources for their dissertation project.