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Educational Foundations BA/BS



Degree Path to be an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER (Grades K-5)

Pre-Education Major (Freshmen and Sophomore Years)
The Pre-Education major consists of a set of introductory classes for students to explore their interest in teaching. Students are introduced to the theoretical framework that organizes the Educational Foundations. This framework draws heavily from cultural studies, ethnic studies, linguistics, sociology, post-colonial theory, and education studies. The intention is for students to move from acceptance of “how life in classrooms has been” toward the possibility of “how life in classrooms can be.” During the sophomore winter term, students will apply to the Educational Foundations major to begin the program junior fall.

Major: Educational Foundations (Junior and Senior Years)
The purpose of the Educational Foundations major is to prepare future professionals in education who are critical thinkers, well-informed about theory and practice, and who possess the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be change agents in economically, racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse communities. This collection of courses achieve this purpose by providing students with a sophisticated understanding of the social, cultural, and political dimensions of teaching and learning. The major is designed as a two-year program completed during the undergraduate junior and senior year. This is a pre-professional degree preparing students who are highly competitive for admission into graduate teacher education programs or other graduate programs in Oregon and around the country.