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Professional Administrator License

The University of Oregon's Continuing Administrator Licensure (CAL) program is designed to prepare school leaders to meet the challenging demands of their careers in educational administration. The program emphasizes the development of expertise in professional practice and is intended for individuals who wish to pursue careers as superintendents, administrators, staff developers, curricularists, or professors of education specializing in the preparation of educators.

Secondary Special Education and Transition Program

The Secondary Special Education and Transition (SSET) is dedicated to the understanding of adolescents and young adults with disabilities and other high-risk behaviors. Faculty conduct research, model development, and outreach activities to develop and implement research-based services that assist transition-age youth in developing knowledge and skills to succeed in fulfilling their desired adult roles, including meaningful employment, completion of postsecondary education or training programs, and living independently in the community.

Oregon Career Information System

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS), an outreach unit in the College of Education, is a leader in the field of career information delivery and an innovator in computer-based tools for career and educational planning. Oregon CIS provides comprehensive information about occupations and industries, postsecondary programs and schools, and financial aid. Its online program and materials are used in schools, colleges, agencies, libraries, and businesses to inform the career development of students, clients, and employees. Its mission is to support the career development needs of Oregonians by developing quality career information resources, delivering comprehensive, integrated systems of career, and promoting sound career decision-making practices in education, employment, and community settings.


intoCAREERS is an outreach unit in the College of Education that develops and supports the Career Information System (CIS). In doing so, it provides content, multimedia, curriculum, and Internet applications that assist people in making informed career choices. Over the past 30 years, intoCAREERS has delivered high-quality national and localized information about occupations, employment, and education and training for use by students and adults. intoCAREERS licenses its products to state entities such as education agencies, offices of postsecondary education, and departments of labor. These entities create localized versions of the Career Information System to support career development programs in their respective states.

Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior

The mission of the Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior (IVBD) is to empower schools and social service agencies to address violence and destructive behavior at the point of school entry and beyond. The goal is to ensure safety and facilitate the academic achievement and healthy social development of children and youth. The Oregon State Board of Higher Education authorized IVBD as an Oregon University System Center of Excellence in 1995.

Educational and Community Supports

Research within Educational and Community Supports (ECS) focuses on the development and implementation of practices that result in positive, durable and empirically verified change in the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. Federal and state funded projects support research, teaching, dissemination and technical assistance activities. Research workgroups within ECS currently focus on positive behavior support, inclusive schools, and transition from school to adulthood.

Early Childhood CARES

Early Childhood CARES provides early intervention and early childhood special education services to infants, toddlers, and preschool children in Lane County, Oregon. Each year it serves over 1600 children who have developmental delays or disabilities. Established in 1992 as an outreach unit in the College of Education, Early Childhood CARES is funded by the Oregon Department of Education with state and federal dollars.

Center for Educational Policy Research

The Center for Educational Policy Research (CEPR) strives to increase the number of Oregon high school students that enter credit-bearing courses at postsecondary institutions with no need for remediation. CEPR works with Oregon's educators, school districts, higher education administrators, and policy makers to research current systems, to develop realistic programs, and to offer suggestions and training to achieve this goal.

Behavioral Research and Teaching

Behavioral Research and Teaching (BRT) conducts research and development in student academic assessment to support the development of effective educational programs for all students. BRT concentrates on access to learning so that appropriate and accurate information can be collected from all students to improve decision-making for their educational programs.

Special Education, Kindergarten - 12th Grade License

This two-year licensure and endorsement program prepares pre-service or in-service teachers to work with students with disabilities ages 3-21 in a variety of settings including early childhood/elementary and middle/high school. Graduates of the program are prepared to apply for an initial special education teaching license and endorsement across these multiple levels making this a highly flexible option.


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