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Community Outreach

The college's outreach units provide individuals, families, schools and community agencies access to faculty research and expertise, and provide field based opportunities for students to participate in the implementation and use of cutting edge, scientific research-based knowledge to improve the effectiveness of services, practices, and policies. 

Clinic Services

Center for Healthy Relationships

The Center for Healthy Relationships offers high quality, affordable therapy services to the community at large; it is the training clinic for the COE's Couples and Family Therapy major. The therapy services help with a wide variety of concerns including relationship issues, depression, couples conflict, child behavior problems, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, grief, issues related to medical illness, anger management, substance abuse, sexual concerns, and separation and divorce issues.

Speech Language Hearing Center (SLHC)

The University of Oregon Speech-Language Hearing Center is a training site for graduate students in communication disorders and sciences. Students are supervised by faculty members who hold the Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and are also licensed by the state of Oregon.

The SLHC is currently offering individual diagnostic evaluations for children and adults with any speech, language, cognitive, or hearing challenges. Individual therapy sessions are available for all clients. In addition, the clinic offers group therapy sessions for adults with aphasia and children with speech, language, hearing difficulties. For more information about therapy services for toddlers and children, please see Therapy Groups for Toddlers and Children.

Outreach Units

COE faculty outreach activities and scholarship emphasize evidence-based practice that creates practicum and field-based learning opportunities and practice sites for students and school/community partners. Units include:

  • Career Information System
  • Early Childhood Coordination Agency for Referrals, Evaluations, and Services (Early Childhood CARES)
  • High School Equivalency Program
  • IntoCareers
  • Oregon Writing Project
  • Technical Assistance and Consulting Services and includes the Western Regional Resource Center; SIGnetwork; and the National Post-School Outcomes Center
  • Youth Enrichment/Talented and Gifted
  • Center For Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Career Information System

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a self-supporting, fee-based consortium organization delivering comprehensive information about occupations and industries, postsecondary programs and schools, financial aid, and career exploration tools and planning systems. CIS staff provides training to professionals involved in career development state-wide. 

Early Childhood Coordination Agency for Referrals, Evaluations, and Services (Early Childhood CARES)

Early Childhood CARES provides early intervention and early childhood special education services to eligible children in Lane County. These services may include a combination of specially designed instruction in community or specialized preschools, parent consultation and education, speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, vision and hearing services, and consultation for autism or challenging behaviors.


IntoCareers is a national system providing multimedia and Internet access to career information and software to help with resume writing and job search processes. Products locate information about local labor market and state or regional training opportunities. 

Oregon Writing Project (OWP)

The OWP comprises intensive summer workshops, teachers learn new instruction strategies, improve their own writing, and develop ways to introduce new school-wide methods for writing instruction. Collaborative effort by Oregon schools, colleges, an dprivate foundations to improve the teaching of writing and literacy at all grade levels throughout the state. 

National Post-School Outcomes Center

Supporting states in collecting and using data on postsecondary education and employment status of youth with disabilities.

SIGnetwork (SIGnetwork)

State improvement grant and state personnel development grant network. The reform and improvement of early intervention, educational, and transitional services systems improve results for children with disabilities. SIGnetwork addresses this reform through improving  systems of professional development, technical assistance, and/or dissemination of knowledge about best practices.

Youth Enrichment/Talented and Gifted

Youth Enrichment and Talented & Gifted Programs and Services provide challenging summer, Saturday and after school learning experiences for children and youth that support, extend and enhance their regular K-12 program.;