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Quick Links for Faculty

If you need assistance within the EDST department, please see the Office Staff directory. For more extensive information,  please see the New Faculty Resources page

Listed in alphabetical order

Academic Calendars and Deadlines can be found at the Registrar's website here.

Adopting Textbooks  How to order/adopt textbooks and where to get assistance.

Benefits If you are employed by the department at half-time or more, please refer to the benefit information at the Human Resources (HR) web site at . Please click on the links for additional information on benefits and services; however you should consult HR for the most current benefit information.

Canvas Tutorials and tips for using and managing Canvas.

Classrooms Classroom issues sometimes arise (location, size, seating, etc). Because classroom scheduling is done centrally and six months in advance, it is next to impossible to change a class location once the term begins. If a classroom room doesn’t meet your needs, please let Birgit know so that she can request a different room for next year.  If you have any classroom equipment issues, please contact Media Services (located in the Knight Library) at 346-3091. 

COE Academic Affairs/Governence Policies, procedures, curriculum standards and more can be found on the COE intranet page.

Copying Course Materials The copy machine in the copy/printer room is available to all faculty and staff for department business. You will be assigned an access code by Tiffany. For help in using the copier features or for large copy jobs, please ask the student employees:

Copyright Clearance Let the Copyright Clearance Office help you make sure that your class packets are in compliance with current copyright laws.

Coursebook Reservation  Find out how to place up to 30 titles on reserve for students here.

Course Evaluations  Online course evaluations are required for all classes with more than 10 students. The University of Oregon uses an online course evaluation system to collect student feedback about courses and instructors at the end of each term. Students complete the evaluations online via DuckWeb. You can see the summary evaluation report and written feedback forms via DuckWeb after grades are submitted.

Directory Profile: This tutorial will walk you through the process of editing and updating your COE website profile.

Duck ID
A Duck ID is a username. In practice, you will use your Duck ID username and associated password to log in to Canvas, email, UO wireless network, or VPN. For more information, go to Duck IDs and UO IDs for Employees.

DuckWeb is an interactive web application with academic and employee related information. In order to access DuckWeb you need a Personal Access Code (PAC) which will be mailed to you before the start date of employment. You will use DuckWeb to view class lists, review course evaluations, and to enter grades.  For more information, go to Duck IDs and UO IDs for Employees.
Email All UO employees are to have an email account for the duration of their employment and are responsible for checking their account regularly.  The UO has a policy regarding email as the use for official university communication. To set up your account, you need your Duck ID to log in to email. Further information about setting up and accessing your account can be found on the UO Email page.  

Final Exam Policy & Schedule: can be found here.

Grades and Grading
If you are the primary instructor of record, you must submit student grades on line, via Duckweb. For additional help, check with staff or see the Registrar’s Grading Page for deadlines and process, including step-by-step instructions:

ID Card
Some UO employee services require a UO ID card. You can obtain a card from the UO Card Office (photo ID required). For more information call (541) 346-3113. If your UO ID is lost or stolen, photo identification is required to obtain a new card. A replacement fee of $15 is charged.

For faculty needing building access after hours, keys and key cards may be requested from Tiffany. If warranted, a key card will be issued and department staff will issue the necessary code and instructions.

A mailbox will be assigned for you within the department. Please check your mailbox regularly as this is the secondary method of contact for all campus offices and department members.

Payday occurs on the last business day of each month. Please consult your contract for your months of pay. You may choose to pick up your paycheck at the payroll office (ground floor, Oregon Hall) or to have your pay automatically deposited to a bank account via the Direct Deposit form (part of the payroll forms completed when hired). Pay stubs will be sent to your campus mailbox on payday however the Payroll department recommends that employees save UO resources by ‘un-checking’ the box in DuckWeb under “Pay Stub.”

Your personal access code (PAC) is issued by Human Resources and sent with your contract to either your department mailbox or home address after your job record is finalized at the UO Payroll Office. The PAC (and your UO I.D. number) acts like a password for accessing DuckWeb. The electronic grading process is now the only option for submitting grades. If you lose your PAC you must go to Human Resources (with photo I.D.) to get it reissued.

All purchases must be requested through COE Finance.  Requests can be emailed to  This includes, but is not limited to, classroom materials, rental agreements, hosting or meeting expenses, travel and all supply purchases.  Questions?  Contact COE Finance at 6-5595 or

Services for Employees 
The University of Oregon allows employees to take advantage of a number of services available throughout the campus. See the Human Resources website for a Quick Summary of Services Available for University Employees. You will need the UO ID Card to access some of these services.

Syllabi must be submitted electronically to Keri within 2 weeks of the beginning of each term. Course syllabi are expected to be accurate and complete and must include all required elements. The most current version of the required elements (or boilerplate information) will be mailed out prior to the beginning of each academic year and occassionally mid-year. The most current version of the required elements (or boilerplate information) can be found on the COE Curriculum Resources page.

Teaching Engagement Program (TEP)
The University of Oregon supports the teaching endeavors of its faculty and graduate students through the Teaching Engagement Program (TEP), a division of the Teaching and Learning Center. 
This program offers a variety of activities and services to engage the academic community in viewing, assessing, and improving undergraduate instruction. In addition, TEP provides a wide range and variety of valuable resources for instructors; offers workshops and classes throughout the academic year on a full range of teaching and learning topics; and encourages instructors to explore technology-supported learning activities. TEP services are free to faculty members, graduate teaching fellows (GTFs), and university departments.

Textbook ordering 
Textbooks and desk copies for courses are ordered online by the course instructor through the Duck Store website. Books are ordered one term prior to their use; see the Duck Store website for deadlines. See the Adopting Textbooks page for more information.


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