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EDST Office Staff


EDST Student Employees

346-8186 or

• Room reservations for department events

• Mail services

• Copy and scan jobs/projects for faculty and staff

• General administrative support for the department


COE Finance

346-5595 or

• Purchasing – including purchase orders, procurement card transactions and office supplies

• Contracts – Personal Service Contracts (PSCs), space rental, memberships

• Accounts Payable/Receivable – paying invoices, processing employee reimbursements and deposits

• Travel – purchasing airfare and processing travel reimbursements (includes mileage and moving expense reimbursements)


Keri Baker, Student Services Coordinator

346-3404 or

• Student Services for Educational Foundations program

• Course evaluation reports

• Department web editor           

• Syllabi submission and management  

• Room reservations for EDF events and meetings.


Amy Harter, Academic Program Assistant

346-1360 | |

• Graduate coordinator for EDST masters & licensure programs: admissions, status updates, and completion.

• Student services for UOTeach outreach and career development support.

• UOTeach communications support: listserves, handbooks, current student blog, web, and social media.

• Faculty and University Supervisor support / coordination: student course registration, supervisor blog, list serves, honorarium for guest teacher, expense reimbursements, room reservations for events and meetings, TK20 access, and UOTeach Outlook calendar.


Ann Kokkeler, Administrative Program Assistant
346-5968 or

• Student Services for CSSE doctoral program

• Curriculum and scheduling

• Personnel support for pro tem faculty and Graduate Employees

• Visiting scholar support            

• Department head administrative support        

• Records management: department historical, personnel file storage and archiving

• Room reservations for classes, department head and CSSE events and meetings


Jennifer McGovney, Coordinator of Finance & Operations for EDST and EMPL

346-2453 or

• Contract and payroll issues

• Benefit information referral (.50+ fte employees)

• Building access requests (for those requiring after-hours access)

• Building support: copy code access, telephone, parking and proxcard/key access coordination

• Printing/Copying orders, including business cards


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