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CDS Master's Program Requirements

Master's Degree Requirements

Students seeking a master’s degree from the University of Oregon in Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) must complete the prescribed academic and practica requirements. The completion of the CDS master’s degree allows students to fulfill the requirements for ASHA certification, Knowledge and Skills Acquisition (KASA) and program competencies, Oregon state licensure, and if the student completes student teaching in the state of Oregon, Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) endorsement for the Oregon Public Schools.

Click on the link to the left for CDS program plan information.  In addition to coursework, students will complete practicum experiences each term to ensure depth and breadth of clinical training.  Students will participate in practicum at the University Speech Language Hearing Center (UOSLHC) and in a variety of off campus sites.  During their second year, students will participate in a full-time student teaching experience and a full time medical externship.

Equivalent to a thesis, master’s students complete an Evidence-based Practice Project.  During their second year, students will identify a clinical technique or procedure that interests them and apply it to an appropriate client. The project will include a literature review analyzing the evidence supporting the target intervention or procedure and a comparison of the research findings to their own clinical outcomes. Two products will be prepared: (1) a formal written paper, and (2) an oral presentation to students, faculty and community members.

Students should familiarize themselves thoroughly with the ASHA Membership and Certification Handbook, which details academic and clinical clock hour requirements.  Requirements are also posted on the ASHA website.

In addition to program requirements, students must also meet all requirements established by the graduate school.  For more details, please see graduate school website.

Students must take the PRAXIS II exam in Speech-Language Pathology prior to or shortly after graduation as a requirement for ASHA certification and TSPC licensure.  For TSPC licensure, students must complete a full-time student teaching placement.  Students must submit their praxis/XIS scores to the program.