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University Day at the COE

Students planting impatiens, from left Kassidy Sherman, Sammi Klossner, Sean Eriksen

For more than 100 years, faculty, staff, students and friends of the UO have celebrated the beauty of the campus by weeding, planting and spreading mulch to have the grounds sparkling just in time for graduation. Even though the COE is obviously the most attractive section of the campus, it too benefits from all the attention.

Last year, the UO added #DucksGive, an annual fundraising effort, to the agenda. According to Katy George, one of the original organizers in an article that ran in Around the O last year, “It’s a perfect match. Students and faculty and staff members are giving their time by making our campus more beautiful, and alumni are making financial contributions. We’re very grateful to all the dedicated Ducks who have kick-started #DucksGive with generous challenge gifts.”

The weather did everything you could ask to support the volunteers this year. Under sunny skies with moderate tempratures and gentle breezes, dozens of volunteers could be seen scattered through the many flowerbeds. More could be seen lounging outside after their shift eating the complimentary lunch provided.

Lisa Fortin, coordinating the COE’s University Day efforts says well over 50 faculty, staff and students signed up to participate. At least three undergraduate students were added to the total with promises of free lunches in exchange for planting flowers for a time. Fortin explained why participation is so high. “It is just fun to be outside and hanging out with everyone.”

Here are just a few of the volunteers we caught on camera: Top: Students planting impatiens, from left Kassidy Sherman, Sammi Klossner, Sean Eriksen; Thumbnails below: Top: Emily Carpenter and Chris Hoffman pull weeds; Middle: Jill Fogelstrom and Kristen Dorris spread mulch in a bed near their offices; Bottom: Shoshana Kerewsky weeds in front of HEDCO.

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