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MS Curriculum & Teacher Education

Julie Heffernan
Amy Harter, Academic Program Assistant


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Curriculum and Teacher Education Programs
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The COE welcomes teachers pursuing additional education, endorsements, and certification. All programs are align with Oregon TSPC guidelines.

1. The Curriculum and Teacher Education (CTED)

CTED is a Master’s program for teachers who hold a teaching license but want to add to their knowledge by adding a master's degree. Study plans are individualized based on applicants educational pursuits. The CTED program accepts applicants on an annual basis. Interested applicants can access the application October through January 30. All applications are for a June summer term start date.

Master's programs in ESOL and Reading have established graduate study plans: 

  • ESOL or ESOL Endorsement /Bilingual Specialization – provides teachers with a combination of theory and practice for effective instruction that supports students' English language development.  This endorsement allows teachers to become  k-12 English Language Development specialists.
  • Reading Endorsements - focus on systems level reading/literacy planning and implementation, data management, organization, descriptive analysis, and interpretation of reading/literacy related information within a data-based decision making model. We offer both a Multicultural / Multilingual and Literacy Leadership master's programs

- The Multicultural / Multilingual Reading master's through Educational Studies (EDST) prepares teachers with a linguistic and cultural inclusive approach to literacy education that includes special attention to the needs of English Learners.

- The Literacy Leadership master's through Educational Methodology, Polcy and Leadership Program's (EMPL) prepares teachers who can provide effective reading intervention; support schools, districts, and state-level agencies in conducting internal audits of resource capacity needs; and implement school, district, or state-level literacy plans.

Each endorsements allows teachers to become k-12 reading specialists in public schools.

2. Stand-Alone Added Endorsements and Authorizations

Licensed teachers have various options for pursuing added endorsements under the Oregon TSPC guidelines. Add new subject endorsements or add a new level to your license (e.g. add a middle/high license to an elementary). Stand-alone endorsement are accepted each term: Winter - November 15, Spring - February 15, Summer - April 15, and Fall - August 15.