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Professional Organizations

Prevention Science program faculty are affiliated with several professional organizations that support the mission of the program.  Please see individual organization websites for more information.

Primary affiliation:

Society for Prevention Research (

The Society for Prevention Research (SPR) is an organization dedicated to advancing scientific investigation on the etiology and prevention of social, physical and mental health, and academic problems and on the translation of that information to promote health and well-being.

Additional affiliations (listed in alphabetical order):

American Public Health Association (

The American Public Health Association (APHA) champions the health of all people and all communities through public health advocacy.

American Society of Suicidology (

The American Society of Suicidology (AAS) is a leader in the advancement of scientific and programmatic efforts in suicide prevention through research, education and training, the development of standards and resources, and survivor support services.

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) is a multidisciplinary organization committed to the advancement of scientific approaches to the understanding and improvement of human functioning through the investigation and application of behavioral, cognitive, and other evidence-based principles to the assessment, prevention, treatment of human problems, and the enhancement of health and well-being.

National Council on Family Relations (

The mission of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) is to provide an educational forum for family researchers, educators, and practitioners to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about families and family relationships, establish professional standards, and work to promote family well-being.

Research Society on Alcoholism (

The purpose of the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) is to promote research that can lead the way toward prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorder.  RSA maintains an active program of public and legislative interactions, including active participation in the Congressional budget allocation process for major federal support agencies that fund alcohol research such as NIAAA and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Society of Behavioral Medicine (

The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) is a multidisciplinary organization of clinicians, educators, and scientists dedicated to promoting the study of the interactions of behavior with biology and the environment, and then applying that knowledge to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Society for Research on Adolescence ( for Research on Adolescence (SRA) is a dynamic, multidisciplinary, international organization dedicated to understanding adolescence through research and dissemination.

Society for Research in Child Development (

The Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) is a membership association that advances developmental science and promotes its use to improve human lives.

Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (

The Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA) is a multidisciplinary, international organization with a focus on theory and research related to emerging adulthood, which includes the age range of approximately 18 through 29 years. The primary goal of the Society is to advance the understanding of development in emerging adulthood through scholarship, education, training, policy and practice.


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