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Eugene Register-Guard features second COE cluster hire proposal

The home page of the Eugene Register-Guard on Monday, Sept. 29 features an in-depth article about the proposed cluster hire in the department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences. The hires would replace tenured faculty who retired, were promoted or otherwise left since 2001 .

The UO hopes to find donors to pay for multiple clusters of new faculty with a series of roughly $20 million endowments — to elevate the UO’s national reputation, including on such rankings as done by U.S. News and World Report.

Administrators are trying to settle sometime this school year on how many of the 10 proposed clusters they can fund. The rule of thumb is a $20 million endowment can generate roughly $800,000 a year in operating revenue — in this case, to pay for faculty.

The special education department is one of 22 UO programs that have been ranked in the first-tier (top 20 percent) by various national organizations. The department is ranked No. 3 among 356 similar programs at universities nationwide — just behind Vanderbilt University and the University of Kansas.

The UO College of Education wins the highest dollar figure for federal grants on the UO campus. And within the college, the special education department brings in the lion’s share of those, said Chris Murray, department head.

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