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What the UO campaign means for the COE

Colleagues and Friends of the COE,

The night of Friday, Oct. 17 was a momentous one for the UO. Leaders from around campus, myself included, articulated our vision for the future and what it will take to get us there. You'll be hearing more details about the ambitious $2 billion UO-wide campaign in the weeks and months to come, but I’d like to give you some idea what it means for the College of Education.

The benefit of having been around for 105 years is that you develop an awareness of your strengths and areas of opportunity. Our academic programs are basically as strong as they can be without growing the number of tenure-line faculty, and so a particular focus will be to establish five endowed professorships in the areas of autism and prevention. Over the past several years, our focus on these multidisciplinary research opportunities has sharpened. Additional tenure-line faculty, coupled with our clusters of excellence, will enable the COE to establish itself as the world leader in these exciting areas of research.

The quantity and quality of doctoral students we produce has great bearing on both our rankings and how we are perceived within the broader academic community. Thus, we aim to double the number of current doctoral recruitment fellowships and attract the very best and brightest to the COE.

Field experience is a hallmark of a COE education, irrespective of major. However, the clinical services we are able to provide on-campus are relatively limited. Our vision is to endow the first comprehensive education clinical services unit in the AAU – essentially the equivalent of a teaching hospital for educational and social services. This would provide additional research opportunities, afford our students more hands-on experience, and greatly enhance the services we provide the surrounding community. For some clinical areas such as autism, it could eventually help us become a national destination for family-based treatments.

Again, this is just a preview of what you can expect to hear more about going forward. There are exciting changes on the horizon that will improve how the UO presents its academic accomplishments to the world, and the COE will be part of those changes as we work to inform others about our good work, build on current strengths, and identify new areas of opportunity.

We appreciate your continued support of, and passion for our shared goal of helping people of all ages reach their full potential. Only by doing so can we truly realize our own.

Kind regards,
Randy Kamphaus

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