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Not your parents' orientation? It is at IntroDUCKtion

(Jessica Cronce, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology and Human Services, and director of the Family and Human Services Program, has been working closely with the Division of Student Life to promote student wellness. As noted in this article, Jessica helped revise IntroDUCKtion content to address alcohol misuse. Jessica will also be working directly with incoming Prevention Science PhD student Kerry Frazee to evaluate UO’s Get Explicit sexual violence prevention program, also featured in the article.)

On a sunny morning in late July, parents drift into seats in the Straub Hall lecture hall. Kathryn Dailey, assistant director for Substance Abuse Prevention, asks if they’ve seen “Animal House,” the rowdy 1978 college comedy shot on the UO campus.

Lots of hands go up.

“I want to assure you that is not the UO experience,” she says. “The college experience is not drinking and partying and hooking up. A lot of students are not drinking.”

This is IntroDUCKtion, the two-day sessions that all new UO students attend, visits once known as orientation that now do much more than showing first-years where to find the dining hall. And it’s not just students who are being introduced to college life but also their parents.

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