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Lillian Duran to fill the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) position

Dear COE Advisory Council,

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Lillian Duran to fill the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) position during the 2019 calendar year. During Fall of 2018, Krista Chronister and Lillian will share the role to facilitate the transition. Lillian will assume the role independently in January 2019, while Krista takes a well-earned sabbatical. 
Dr. Duran brings a strong background in educator preparation to this position, particularly in bilingual teacher education.  She has also taken on several leadership activities since her arrival at the university two-years ago. In that short amount of time, Lillian has maintained her prolific research and grant-writing record, engaged in the redesign of the Early Childhood Special Education Master’s degree program, and is leading the first student study abroad program in the college to Mexico. She was also recently appointed by Governor Brown to serve on the State Interagency Coordinating Council concerned with early childhood education.

Dr. Duran will be taking on the role of ADAA with assurances to the provost that her professional growth will not be adversely impacted by this temporary service. During her time as ADAA, Dr. Duran will continue the work that Krista has managed including: academic program planning and development, course approval, chairing the curriculum committee, alignment of licensure and accreditation needs of the college, refining college processes related to curriculum management and programming, and liaising with groups across campus related to admission, academic programming, and a variety of continuous improvement activities. Dr. Duran will serve on the College leadership team and will assist in advising me on topics of importance to the college’s academic mission.

I invite you to join me in welcoming Lillian to this leadership role. Her success will be a success for all of us.


c Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs

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