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Inside-Out "Liberating Education" info sessions next week

Monday 1/30 11:30am
Tuesday 1/31 12:30pm
Wednesday 2/1 2pm
All Information Sessions in 340 HEDCO

We strongly recommend that you attend one of the info sessions before you apply.  Application Deadline is Friday 2/3.

The class will meet during Spring Term 2017 at Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP) on Monday evenings.  

In the course, both inside and outside students will thoughtfully examine our deeply held, even cherished, notions of the role of education in our lives, democracy, and society.  What do we believe about public education and what is the source of that belief?  Second, we will critically question the actual role of our system of public education in our society today, and how it has evolved over time.  Final projects will ask students to envision an ideal public education system, one that is liberated from its historical assumptions and is able to provide liberation, rather than schooling, to all people.