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Indigenous Map of UO

We are delighted to announce that our Sapsik'ʷałá Program office in Lokey Education is included on the new Indigenous Map of the UO Campus! We are so grateful to all colleagues and students who worked on this project to create the map. Please see the announcement below, provided by UO faculty Jennifer O’Neal and Kirby Brown:

On behalf of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Academic Residential Community (NAIS ARC), we are pleased to announce the official launch of the new Indigenous UO Campus Map! Over the past two terms the NAIS ARC students have been working on identifying and researching key points of interest related to Native American and Indigenous history on the UO campus in an effort to decolonize and center their presence on campus. Together we identified over 32 places of significance! Working with Ken Kato and Mohammad Eshghi in GIS Mapping we have embedded all this data into the official UO map. A huge thanks to Ken and Mohammad in the GIS office helping us to make this all happen!

You can now access the full map site here on the campus map: as well as on the UO app under the Maps section. Simply click on the yellow square in the upper right-hand side of the Map and you will see the dropdown for all the types of maps and you will see “Indigenous UO”. The locations are then highlighted with the UO green pin and when you click on the pin drop it then gives you a short synopsis of the site and its significance.

The students also interviewed Native faculty, students and staff regarding these locations and the interviews, as well as photographs, will also be added to the larger UO Hidden History Tour that is currently under development within the UO Libraries’ University Archives as part of the Documenting UO History project ( 

Please share this widely with your contacts so that the Indigenous history of UO becomes more well-known and centered on campus. This can be used in curriculum or group self-guided tours.

We will continue to keep you posted as this project evolves and grows. A huge thanks to all who supported this work!

Jennifer O’Neal and Kirby Brown
NAIS ARC Faculty Co-Directors