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Herr wins Thomas F. Herman Award for Excellence in Pedagogy

Cindy Herr

Dr. Cynthia Herr is the quintessential teacher of teachers in Special Education. She demonstrates exemplary professionalism, dedication, outstanding pedagogy, far-reaching knowledge of her field, and a consistent, personable temperament.

Dr. Herr teaches in the Special Education Licensure program. The breadth and depth of her teaching is both broad and deep. She teaches small, large, and online courses. Over the past 29 years she has taught an average of 10 courses per year. 

Students in her classes appreciate that the information presented in her courses is both practical and insightful regarding educating of children with disabilities. Student comments about her teaching include descriptors such as “encyclopedic knowledge of the field,” “clear,” “concise,” “exceptional,” “caring,” “relevant,” and “the best model of exceptional teaching."

Herr has a particular interest in the area of autism spectrum disorders. She has directed the department’s "Preparing Autism Specialists for Schools” program for the past nine years. This pioneering program utilized federal grant funding to create and implement a cutting-edge training program for the broad range of educational professionals who interface with children with autism and their families.

Herr has a reputation for both innovative teaching, creative learning activities, and high standards for her students. One colleague noted, “College of Education graduate students know her as the “Queen of the Red Pen”-the professor who commands respect and awe in the hearts of students for her painstaking grading of grammar, spelling, punctuation, format and style”.

As a 29-year veteran instructor and trainer of special education teachers in the College of Education, Dr. Herr is widely respected among the legions of graduates working both in the classroom and in school district leadership roles throughout Oregon and the world. One school district leader commented, “If I know that an applicant to our district is a graduate of Cindy Herr’s program, I will hire the person without reservation.”

In sum, Dr. Herr possesses the ideal combination of qualities that exemplify a great teacher trainer. She combines rigor and high standards in her teaching with a deep sense of caring and commitment to her students. Dr. Herr demonstrates these qualities by her untiring dedication to excellence in pedagogy in the field of special education.

(from the Office of Academic Affairs)