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FHS will participate in Take Our Children to Work Day this year!

The Family and Human Services (FHS) program will be participating in Take Our Children to Work Day on April 27.


Take Our Children to Work Day: April 27, 2017

For many years, the University of Oregon has participated in the national Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day by hosting our own on campus event, which provides an exciting opportunity for employees to share their workplace and the unique university environment with children.  The UO Take Our Children to Work Day includes a variety of organized activities to share the exciting work happening at this university and spark interest in the children of our faculty and staff.

picture of hand prints with take our children to work day logo Count on Me

2017 Take Our Children to Work Day: April 27

For children ages 9-13

Count On Me is the theme for this year’s event.  It represents accepting responsibilities to achieve success and being a person who others can count on: 

Who do you count on? You may look to friends, teammates, family, mentors and teachers to not let you down. And in return, they can count on you to do the same for them!

Responsible people take charge of their lives! Make a plan and set goals to develop their talents and skills! We challenge you, on Take Our Children To Work Day, to show their future workforce that they can #COUNTONME!

Event Description

Take Our Children to Work Day is redesigned from previous years to leverage the national theme and create an experience for participants that connects educational pursuit with occupational opportunity. Participants, along with their accompanying adult, engage in multiple activities lead by UO program representatives to explore the university and future opportunities. The event focuses on a morning session delivered on a structured schedule with all participants having the same experience. In the afternoon, participants are offered a variety of opportunities across campus to voluntarily explore on their own time. 

Bring your child with you to work and spend the morning exploring unique programs at UO and learning to be a #COUNTONME adult. Then spend the afternoon exploring the campus.
Note: Please coordinate with your supervisor if you wish for your child to visit your work space as part of the day.  Children accompanying you on-the-job is authorized at the department's discretion.

Event Schedule

Community breakfast with a presentation beginning at 8:30am.

Break-Out Sessions--participants rotate through activities lead by UO representatives.  Activities include:

  • #COUNTONME for Safety lead by UOPD
  • #COUNTONME for Justice department lead to be determined
  • #COUNTONME for Social Service lead by Family and Human Services
  • #COUNTONME for Self-Care lead by Physical Education & Recreation

Event Location

All activities in the morning session will take place in a centralized location at the EMU.

Afternoon opportunities, to be experienced voluntarily at your own pace, will be at various locations across campus.  Details will be shared with participants as they become available. 

Please see the website for more information: