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FHS' Haley honored with Kilcullen scholarship

Brittany Haley, a senior majoring in Family and Human Services, recently was awarded the Kilcullen Memorial Scholarship, honoring the memory of Officer Chris Kilcullen, a Eugene police officer who was killed in the line of duty in 2011. At the COE, she also is a recipient of the Antoinette S. Stanton Memorial Scholarship. We caught up with Brittany recently to see what she's up to and what her plans might be for the future.

How did you choose the UO and FHS?

I've been in Eugene since my family moved here when I was in the 4th grade. [FHS] is a major designed to teach students how to help people in the community and how to advocate for underrepresented groups. I got very excited as soon as I heard about it and immediately wanted to be a part of what the program was doing. "Do no harm" is a core reminder that is instilled in us in the program and important to remember when helping others. I chose the UO because I could not afford to go to school outside of Eugene but still wanted to be at a university. I also had grown up around the UO and knew I would enjoy it.

Where has your field experience requirement taken you?

I have interned/volunteered at: DHS-Child Welfare (Winter 2014, currently for my senior year and project), Jasper Mountain Center (Fall 2014, I currently work there part-time), Parenting Now! (Spring 2015), Pearl Buck Preschool (Winter 2013), Adams Elementary (Spring 2013).

Where do you hope your FHS degree will take you?

I have been looking into social work but haven't completely decided on where I want to be. I know that I want to work with families and children in the foster care system and hope to develop my career goals more within this next year while I'm interning at DHS: Child Welfare.

How were you selected for the Kilcullen Scholarship?

I applied for this scholarship through the Office of Student Access and Completion and was selected by the selection committee for an interview. I interviewed in front of a group, including Chris Kilcullen's wife, father and our Chief of Police Pete Kerns, to name a few. They notified me later that week that they had chosen me as their scholarship recipient.

In what ways will the scholarship facilitate your goals?

This scholarship will greatly support me during my last year of college. I will be able to spend more time at my internship and within my community. It will also allow me to have more time to spend creating and developing my senior project, which I hope to be something that will make an impact within our community.

What do you do for fun? Hobbies/passions?

I love to camp and hike. I enjoy riding motorcycles with my fiancé and spending time with my family.

What are you involved in on campus?

I am involved with the FHS community on campus but unfortunately don't spend very much time on campus because I am at my internship site or working at Jasper Mountain Center for the majority of my week.

Anything to add?

I am incredibly thankful to receive this scholarship. Chris Kilcullen was an honorable man in our community and to be compared to him by his relatives and close family friends is truly an honor. I hope that I can be someone to create positive change in this community as he did and represent his name well. I also want to thank everyone involved in making this scholarship possible and remind students to always apply! There are many scholarships on OSAC and plenty of others to apply for as well. Don't be discouraged and make sure to keep applying every year.