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COE Students Shine at UO Graduate Forum

The College of Education had a strong showing at the eighth annual UO Graduate Student Research Forum.  This one-day event, which highlights the outstanding research of UO graduate students, drew more than 100 students from over 50 disciplines. 29 College of Education students participated, presenting their research through one of three presentation formats: panel discussions, poster presentations, or the Three Minute Thesis (3MT).  Students from numerous departments such as Special Education, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Prevention Science, Counseling Psychology, and Critical and Sociocultural Studies participated.

Three students, HyeonJin Yoon from Educational Leadership, Kaitlin O’Brien from Counseling Psychology, and Maria Schweer-Collins from Prevention Science were judged as winners in the poster contest.  HyeonJin thought there was a lot of value in participating in the forum.  “I found it fascinating to see other graduate students’ work on a variety of topics across disciplines at one place—I found that students from all different disciplines were working on very interesting topics, from which I got great inspiration and motivation. I also could have an excellent opportunity to talk to other graduate students about future interdisciplinary research collaborations. Lastly, the feedback and questions that I got from local community members about my presentation helped me think carefully about how my research findings can be translated/used in a real setting for students, teachers, and parents.”

Kaitlin O'Brien said, "The Graduate Research Forum was such a positive experience especially as a first year doctoral student at University of Oregon. I truly enjoyed the stimulating conversations I had with faculty members and students regarding my research and it was wonderful being able to disseminate my findings and receive helpful feedback. Having the opportunity to communicate the importance of my research was one of the most valuable parts of this experience."

Leslie Leve, the COE’s associate dean for research and faculty development, was impressed by the number of COE participants and the strength of their research.  “UO's grad forum is a wonderful way for master’s and doctoral students across COE programs and departments to showcase their research, practice their presentation skills, and converse with faculty, students, and community members about the exciting research questions they are answering. The event really shows to the rest of campus the sheer volume of rigorous basic and applied research that COE students are leading.”

Photos by Leslie Leve.  Student pictured above:  Kyndl Woodlee.  Students pictured below:  Alyssa Kennedy; Anna Cecilia McWhirter; Bryan Rohas-Arauz; Casey Harris; Christina Cendejas; Elisa DeVargas; Emily Walden; Kaitlin O'Brien; Kalia Gentlesnow; Maira Birrueta; Maria Schweer-Collins; Maria Tandowsky; Nicholas Saldivar; Rachel Kovensky; Kelsey Kuperman; Robert Ortega.



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