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2014 COE Alumni Awardees

The College of Education Alumni Outreach Committee honors individuals who have made a positive impact on the field of education and human services through their work or advocacy. The board encourages nominations from alumni, faculty, and practitioners in the field. The 2014 awardees are:

Dr. Michael Bullis is the recipient of the College of Education Outstanding Alumni Award for 2014. The Outstanding Alumni Award is given in recognition of alumni for significant contributions that have had a national impact on educational policy, professional practice, community service, research or scholarship.

Dr. Bullis was nominated by the faculty and staff of the College of Education in recognition of his contributions to education benefitting at-risk youth and furthering overall research into support systems for adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders. Also, as Dean of the College of Education, he worked as an advocate of the work of the college, both internally and externally.




Karen Frost Cator is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award.  The Distinguished Alumni Award is given in recognition of alumni who have achieved significant professional, community service or personal accomplishments more than 10 years from their graduation date.

Ms. Cator was selected because of her work in advocating for education at Apple, directing the Office of Educational Technology and as President and CEO of Digital Promise demonstrating her efforts to support and promote information and digital technologies in education.





Dr. Sara Whitcomb is the recipient of the Horizon Alumni Award.  The Horizon Alumni Award is given in recognition of alumni less than 10 years post-graduation who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a significant or ongoing commitment to extraordinary work, research or volunteerism.

Dr. Whitcomb was selected in recognition of her work promoting mental health, social-emotional learning, and positive behavioral support in schools, as well as being a nationally recognized expert in behavioral consultation and intervention.





Principal Jenny Sink and Renee Villanueva are the recipients of the Community Impact Award.  The Community Impact Award is given in recognition of alumni who devote their time, talents and expertise to improve the quality of life and/or educational climate in their local community.

Principal Sink was selected in recognition of her work both as principal and as a community leader for Fairfield Elementary in Eugene, OR. Her enthusiastic collaboration with organizations such as the United Way and the UO Service-Learning Program demonstrates her willingness to contribute her time and effort to search for innovative ways to improve the lives of Fairfield students and their families.

Ms. Villanueva was selected in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the Eugene/Springfield community. Her work as a therapist at Jasper Mountain advocating for vulnerable youth and their families in time of crisis demonstrate her commitment the college’s mission in “Making Educational and Social Systems Work for All.”


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