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Elementary Multiple Subjects

The UOTeach is a four plus one master’s and licensure program for Elementary teacher training. The program is geared toward ensuring teachers have the skills and confidence for today's classroom and student needs, training teacher candidates to tap into children's learning and  creativity potential, and how to develop informed critical thinkers.

UOTeach prepares teacher candiates with:

  • Excellence in subject matter teaching methods
  • An integrated approach to equity and socio-cultural issues in education, and
  • Expertise in addressing the social and educational barriers of diverse communities and English for speakers of other languages.

Candidates in the program spend 34-weeks in progressive field experience, gaining over 660 hours of real world experience in diverse school settings, working with a cooperating teacher and under the mentorship of a university supervisor. Completion of the program encompasses all TSPC (Elementary 584-420-0345) and ESOL (standard 584-420-0360) licensure requirements.










Applicants do not need to be Education majors to become elementary education teachers. Regardless of your BA or BS major, you are welcome to apply to the UOTeach Elementary Education program, provided you are able to complete the following admissions required content knowledge courses.

I. 2018 Prerequisite Course Requirements & Online Brochure

All prerequisites courses must be completed prior to the start of the UOTeach program. While all prerequisite courses are available at the University of Oregon, it is not essential that they all be taken here.  

  • Math Education: a year of 200 level sequential math or higher (e.g. MATH 211, 212, and 213 which cover the fundamentals of elementary Mathematics) or EDST 471 Foundations of Algebra Learning and EDST 472 Foundations of Geometry Learning
  • Movement: any Physical Education class or EDST 440 Physical Education for Diverse Learners (F/W/S)

 UO Educational Foundations majors have enrollment priority in the above EDST prerequisites, non-majors can register after the first two weeks of registration. Check the UO Class Schedule for details.

Other Course Preparation Information
  • There is no required undergraduate major, however, everyone must complete prerequisites listed above.
  • We look for students from a diverse broad backgrounds, subject expertise, and experiences, to meet the wide range of teaching objectives.
  • Preference is given to applicants with strong science, math, international, bilingual, and or special education backgrounds.

II. Elementary Entrance Testing

A. Elementary ORELA Subtests I and II - Submission of passing ORELA Elementary 1 and 2 sub-tests is preferred. The passing score for each is 220.
The UO Knight Libary has the ORELA study guide materials on file in the Reference section.

The above exam is also required for licensure in Oregon. We do not require the GRE.

  • The UO Knight Library has   the ORELA Subtest study guide available for check out. "Your Key to Exam Success"
  • Students on Financial Aid can apply to NES for a test fee waiver. This process takes several weeks and must be complete prior to registering for the test. Complete the Fee Waiver application (link is external) (link is external) and bring it to your Financial Aid office for processing.

III. Link to Current Program of Study

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