Apply to the LEADS minor

Apply for a Minor in Leadership + Administrative Skills (LEADS)

Applications for the LEADS minors are processed on an ongoing basis.

Students can apply any time after they’ve met with a COE advisor.

To declare the LEADS Minor

  • Meet with a COE Advisor to review minor requirements, including completion of EDLD 211 (or equivalent)
  • The COE Advisor will send you the link to Qualtrics form for declaring programs.
  • Once you submit the form, an email will be sent from Qualtrics to the program.
  • Academic Coordinators will process the request within 2 business days by submitting the information to the Registrar’s office.

To meet with a COE advisor

College of Education Undergraduate Advising

Schedule an appointment by downloading THE NAVIGATE APP and follow the instructions below:


  1.   Log in with your Duck ID
  2.   Go to Appointments > Schedule an Appointment
  3.   Select Academic & Career Advising
  4.   Select College of Education Undergraduate Advising
  5.   Select topic of appointment; Minor Questions
  6.   Select Advisor; Christi Boyter or Angel Dorantes
  7.   Select a day and time
  8.   Select email and text reminder
  9.   Select Confirm Appointment