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Leadership + Administrative Skills (LEADS) Minor

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Why earn a Leadership + Administrative Skills (LEADS) minor?

Our LEADS undergraduate minor is designed to prepare students for direct service or entry-level leadership roles in contemporary educational and social service organizations, or to enter graduate programs in social service leadership.

This minor is open to students from all majors. Skilled, innovative leaders are needed more than ever to address pressing social and educational challenges.

The LEADS course work is grounded in modern leadership theory and research and practical applied work, preparing students in:

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Data-based decision making
Students in a group discussion
Leading groups, teams, and processes
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Incorporating multiple perspectives
Students in a classroom sitting at a table listening to a professor
Evaluating programs
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Promoting equitable outcomes
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Employing data analytics and methodologies

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in 1st LEADS course, 2020-21
available spaces enrolled
in 2nd LEADS course, 2020-21

Major in Anything, Minor in Leadership

The LEADS minor is designed for completion in 2-3 years, complementing any area of study at UO and supporting individual student goals.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be accepted in the LEADS minor to sign up for a LEADS course?

A: No, courses are open to all students. We encourage you to take EDLD 211, Exploring Leadership. You will learn to identify your strengths as a leader, and explore approaches to leadership. If you are interested in the minor, Exploring Leadership will help you to see if it’s a good fit for you. We’re confident you’ll want more!

Q: Is LEADS only for students in education?

A: No, LEADS is for any UO student ready to learn more about leadership and build skills as a leader. Employers across all fields are excited to hire graduates with experience in leadership roles; the LEADS minor is designed to provide those opportunities!

Q: I only have two years left at UO. Do I have time to finish the LEADS minor?

A: Yes! We have many pathways to completing the minor, which can be done in two or three years. But it is important to get started right away! We suggest you make an appointment with an advisor soon to set up your pathway to graduating with the minor. You can always send an email to: for questions, comments or help on setting up an appointment with an advisor.

Take the Next Step

Email us, take an exploratory course, or apply to the program. We are here to answer questions about how the LEADS minor can help you lead the future.

The Student Experience

The LEADS minor is built to bridge classroom learning to the outside world. We focus on experiential leadership, so most courses are designed around direct, applied learning projects.

Students will work together in research teams to investigate topical issues using leadership theory and knowledge. Each course offers a unique perspective on leadership, giving you the opportunity to find your own voice as a leader while building administrative skills.

What Our Students Are Saying... 



Enrich Your Academic Experience

Our inclusive class models create tightly knit communities of students who influence each other’s success, and most students are involved in applied projects as part of their program requirements. We have a culture that values diversity and promotes respect and inclusion. We produce scholars and practitioners who are prepared to make meaningful changes in our local, national, indigenous, and internal communities. Our graduates become leaders in education and human sciences who change lives and improve outcomes for individuals and systems.

Commitment to Inclusion and Social Change

Be a leader for social change. Learn to:

  • Work among teams to address pressing social issues and challenges
  • Contribute to vision and organizational success
  • Address access and opportunity and support equity across all systems
  • Analyze and evaluate outcomes and impacts at different system levels
  • Collaborate for effective decision-making

Scholarships and Funding 

We provide a number of scholarship and funding opportunities in an effort to offer students support in pursuing their degrees and professional futures by removing as many barriers to those goals as possible. We use one common application that will automatically enter you into consideration for any and all scholarships for which you meet selection criteria.


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