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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be accepted in the LEADS minor to sign up for a LEADS course?

A: No, courses are open to all students. We encourage you to take a course if you are interested in the minor to see if it's a good fit for you. We're confident you'll want more!
Q: Is LEADS only for students in education?

A: No, LEADS is for any UO student ready to learn more about leadership and build skills as a leader. Employers across all fields are excited to hire graduates with experience in leadership roles; the LEADS minor is designed to provide those opportunities!

Q: I only have two years left at UO. Do I have time to finish the LEADS minor?

A: Yes! We have many pathways to completing the minor, which can be done in two or three years. But it is important to get started right away! We suggest you make an appointment with an advisor soon to set up your pathway to graduating with the minor. You can always send an email to for questions, comments, or help on setting up an appointment with an advisor.

Q: Is it possible to substitute courses to count toward the LEADS minor?

A: Yes; up to two approved courses may be substituted for courses in the LEADS program. Find out more about this option by emailing for advising, or view the full list of approved alternate courses.


Leadership + Administrative Skills (LEADS)