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Earn a Master's Degree and an Administrator License

Students have the opportunity to earn a master's degree concurrently with the preliminary administrator's license. All PreAL credits apply towards the master of education (MEd) degree. Course requirements for a combined program of study include practicum credit hours of actual administrative experience, for a total of 51 credit hours for the M.Ed. earned over eight terms. Of these hours, 26 credit hours apply toward preliminary administrator licensure. The Preliminary Administrator Licensure program without the MEd totals 26 credits and includes 360 hours of administrative experience to fulfill practicum requirements.

For more information: Concurrent MEd/PreAL

Earn a Doctoral Degree and an Administrator License

Students enrolled in a doctoral program in Educational Methodology, Policy & Leadership may simultaneously earn a preliminary administrator license (IAL).

For more information: See Degrees for the EMPL Department