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Concurrent MEd and IAL program

Master's Degree plus Preliminary Administrator Licensure preparation

Students have the opportunity to earn a master's degree concurrently with the preliminary administrator's license. All PreAL credits apply towards the master of education (MEd) degree. Course requirements for a combined program of study include practicum credit hours of actual administrative experience, for a total of 51 credit hours for the MEd earned over eight terms. Of these hours, 26 credit hours apply toward preliminary administrator licensure.


  • Passing Score on Essential Academic Skills (EAS) Test
  • 3 years of licensed teaching or counseling experience

M.Ed./IAL course requirements:

  • Two years of study, with year one devoted to MEd coursework, and
  • Year two devoted to study of five unit content areas of theory and practice, including
  • A total of 360 hours of administrative experience to fulfill practicum requirements
  • MEd/IAL Application

Be sure to do the Graduate School application as well.