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Commitment to Diversity

Therapists at the Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR) are committed to offering culturally competent therapy services and serving a diverse population of clients.

We value diversity and train our therapists from a social justice and anti-oppression framework. Our therapists are trained to provide sensitive, appropriate, and effective therapy that considers and values each person's culture, ethnic background, religious and spiritual beliefs, gender, sexual identity, age, and socioeconomic status, as well as issues of disability, mental or physical illness, or discrimination. We acknowledge that we are not experts on the culture or identities of our clients but commit to creating a safe space in the therapy room for those discussions to occur, and are committed to continuing our own growth and education outside of the therapy room.

At the CHR we are able to offer therapy services in multiple languages. Language accommodations vary depending on the fluency of therapists currently in the graduate training program. Services have been offered in Spanish, Chinese, German, and English.

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