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Center for Healthy Relationships

Welcome to the Center for Healthy Relationships!

The Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR) is the training clinic for the College of Education’s Couples and Family Therapy master’s program. The center is staffed by upper-division graduate interns who are completing the clinical component of study. Intern therapists work closely with licensed faculty supervisors to provide the highest quality of care for the clients they serve. Therapists and supervisors operate from a systems perspective which considers the larger social group and context in which individual behavior is embedded. Therapists at the CHR embrace a strengths-based and non-pathology oriented approach to viewing human behavior and change.

The CHR offers high quality, affordable therapy services to the community at large. The therapy services help with a wide variety of concerns including, among others: relationship distress/conflict, family distress/conflict, depression, trauma healing, child behavior problems, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, grief/loss, issues related to medical illness, anger management, substance abuse, addiction/recovery, sexual concerns, and separation and divorce issues.

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