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Family and Human Services-Early Childhood Emphasis

The FHS-ECE program has been discontinued.

The ECE program, as it was originally designed, is permanently discontinued within FHS. The ECE program is currently undergoing a full redesign and the curriculum approval process can take up to 3 years for full approval. The outcome of the redesign has not yet been determined, but there will be announcements when the new program is in place. When the redesigned program is ready to admit students, it will be under a different department than FHS. Specifically, it will be managed by Dr. Lillian Duran within the Department of Special Education and Clinical Science.

FHS is not a teaching preparation program. Students interested in K-12 teaching preparation may want to look at the Educational Foundations major: (

Students wishing to pursue graduate training related to education may want to investigate UO Teach, which is an MEd/licensure program: (

Students wishing to pursue graduate training related to early intervention may want to investigate the Master’s program in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education: and

Contact information for these programs is:

BA/BS contact:

UOTeach master's and licensure contact:

EI/ECSE master’s and licensure contact: