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UOTeach Equity & Social Justice Teach-IN Program

On November 19, 2016 UOTeach held our first annual TEACH-IN.  The one day event is a collaboration with UOTeach, district equity partners, and the ODE Equity Unit in which K-12 teachers shared resources, practices, and examples from their everyday work to bring together the best of culturally sustaining instructional theories and everyday classroom teacher practice.

Professional development certificates were available on the day of the conference.

Participant Responses
  • I just wanted to say that I was so inspired from the Social Justice Teach-In. Thank you so much for making this happen. All the workshop that I participated were exactly what I needed to get through at school, and I was so grateful and hopeful that I can go back to school with valuable resources. Thanks again. It also gave me a sort of homecoming feeling to see your familiar faces. I felt proud and honored to come back and see that UO Teach is moving forward with more striving forces. ~ Noriko Divers


TEACH-IN Steering Group:
Co-Coordinators Julie Heffernan and Abby Lane
School District Representative: Bethel Equity Director Tina Gutierez-Schmich
Registration Coordinator: Amy Harter

Teach-In Goals:

1. Provide a forum for current teachers to share equity and social justice curriculum and instructional practices.
2. Provide a forum for UOTeach students to showcase project based learning regarding same.
3. Establish and support professional networks which develop, support and extend teacher knowledge regarding equity literacy and social justice curriculum and instruction.

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