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Educational Leadership Program

Why earn a degree in educational leadership?

Our education leadership program aims to develop effective, highly regarded, and influential leaders in educational practice, policy, and scholarship.

Program Options

The educational leadership program offers the following degree options:

Graduate Degree Programs

Specialization in Educational Data Science

Enroll in the NEW Data Science Specialization for Education and Social Systems Leaders

Become a “big data” leader who has the skills to use data to guide decision making. Data-informed decision-making is now the new minimum standard of practice in many fields, including education and social systems.

Specialization in Educational Data Science

What can I do with a degree in educational leadership?

Graduates of the DEd program pursue a range of leadership roles in:

  • Research and outreach units
  • K–12 administration
  • Postsecondary institutions

A master’s degree in educational leadership is ideal for students who want to pursue careers in:

  • Student support services
  • School administration
  • Staff and community relations
  • Program coordination

Contact Information

Julie Alonzo, PhD
Interim DEd Program Coordinator

Angela Burham
Academic Program Coordinator