Bertranna Muruthi

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Assistant Professor
Counseling Psychology, Couples and Family Therapy, Family and Human Services
Phone: 541-346-0913
Office: 257 HEDCO Education Bldg


As a research scholar and marriage and family therapist, my primary aim is to conduct research that will lead to community based culturally responsive interventions and prevention programs for immigrant families in the US. Central to my research activities is the examination of factors related to immigrant families in transition and family predictors for risk and resilient behavior. Specifically, I use an intersectionality lens within a transnational framework to explore how immigrant experiences evolve and change as they stay connected to native countries while in host countries. This perspective provides vital tools that highlight the lives of marginalized families while empowering their cultural practices. These experiences allow for a closer examination of connections that migrants have to their native countries and how these connections may affect migrants’ resettlement experiences in receiving nations.


Ph.D.              University of Georgia, Department of Human Development and Family Science, Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, 2016

M.S.                Miami University, Family Studies, Specialization in Culturally Diverse Families and Stressful Family Context, 2010

B.S.                 Miami University, Women’s Studies, 2007

Honors and Awards

2018                              Robert C Anderson Memorial Alumni Award, University of Georgia Graduate School

2014-2015                     American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy/Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration Dissertation Fellowship, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Minority Fellowship Program

2011-2014                    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy / Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration Fellowship, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Minority Fellowship Program


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Dr. Muruthi addresses three main research areas in her program of research: (a) migration, resettlement, and transnationalism of documented and undocumented immigrants, (b) predictors of risk and resilient behavior in immigrant families, and (c) development of intervention and prevention programming for immigrant families.