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Special Education (M.S., M.Ed., or M.A.)

The faculty and staff in the Special Education major at the UO College of Education are committed to making a difference for people with disabilities and their families by increasing their success in schools, workplaces, and community settings. The master's degree program in special education (SPED) emphasizes knowledge of learners who are identified with learning disabilities, behavior disorders, autism, or severe disabilities. Graduate studies in special education build capacity through personnel preparation, research, outreach, and dissemination. These efforts are focused on systemic approaches to preventing the incidence and prevalence of disabilities as well as to designing and delivering evidence-based services for students with disabilities and their families.

Master's in Educational Leadership

Master's degrees in Educational Leadership (EDLD) through EMPL focus on the development, implementation, and generation of improved outcomes in the organization and management of K-12 education. The degree is intended for individuals who wish to pursue careers in student support services, staff and community relations, program coordination, or advising positions.

UOTeach K-12 Licensure / MEd

UOTeach is a graduate program that leads to a teaching license and a master’s of education degree in Curriculum and Teaching. The program offers two strands: Elementary Multiple Subjects (Grades K–5) and Middle/High Content Areas Specializations (Grades 6–12).

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