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EMPL D.Ed Concentrations

The University of Oregon’s Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership (EMPL) offers a Doctorate of Education (D.Ed.) using a state-of-the-art virtual delivery system that will debut in 2015-16. The system blends real-time interaction with faculty, students, and online content that will enable faculty and students to present and collaborate virtually using any computer or mobile device. This system facilitates e-meetings, sharing documents and other media-rich content, running polls, and establishing virtual break-out groups. Through this system, our students will access this program from anywhere in the state of Oregon.

New Equity Leadership Fellows Program!

Applicants to all three concentrations are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants must show strong interest in equity and inclusion work. Click here for more detailed information and application.


Students apply to a particular concentration, which allows them to frame a significant portion of their coursework around problems of practice that inspire them. Those concentrations include:

                                                    Equity Leadership          Literacy Leadership      Policy and Leadership


                                                    Charles Martinez              Gina Biancarosa              Mike Bullis

Not sure which concentration is for you? We can help!

  • Contact the concentration leader via email to schedule an in-person or phone meeting.
  • Contact program directors via phone or email to schedule an in-person of phone meeting.
              Nancy Heapes, Ph.D.
              Jo Smith, Ph.D.        
  • View 2015 program manuals posted on the DEd program page. Pay particular attention to each concentration’s coursework.

Applicants may apply to one of the three concentrations or may delay their concentration choice until the end of Winter term during the first year of coursework.

EMPL D.Ed. students begin as a programmatic cohort in Year 1. The program’s core curriculum provides practicing educational professionals with a foundation for an advanced graduate degree, emphasizing leadership development, oral and written communication, and understanding of educational assessment and research.  In Year 2:

Equity Leaders will ground their work in social justice and social ecological perspectives, and receive foundation in leadership practices and community, family, and school interventions that advance equity in terms of access, student outcomes, and institutional culture.

  • Coursework highlights include: Social & Cultural Foundations of Education, Leading for Equity, Comparative Education, Cultural Adaptation of Evidence-Based Practices, and Emerging Issues in Equity: Latino Education and Behavioral Health.
  • Dr. Charles Martinez, Jr., a member of the Oregon State Board of Education and head of both EMPL and the Center for Equity Promotion, leads this D.Ed. concentration.
  • Contact him at or 541.346.2161. Note the Equity Leadership concentration in your email subject line or voicemail.

Literacy Leaders will develop an understanding of the politics, policies, and practical realities associated with improving language and literacy outcomes for all students.
***NOTE: Applications for the Literacy concentration are closed for 2017.

  • Coursework highlights include: Reading Research, Meeting Needs of English Learners, Assessment in Literacy, Reading Interventions, and Data-Based Decision Making in Literacy.
  • Dr. Gina Biancarosa, who has expertise spanning adolescent literacy, interventions for reading difficulties, and quantitative research methods, leads this D.Ed. concentration.
  • Contact her at or 541.346.2883. Note the Literacy Leadership program in your email subject line or voicemail.

Policy Leaders will emphasize policy development, educational reform, and evidence-based research practices. 

  • Coursework highlights include: Educational Leadership, Leading Change, Education Policy Analysis, Standards & Accountability Systems, and Information Technology for Curriculum Design.
  • Dr. Michael Bullis, a Sommerville-Knight Professor and the former Dean of the College of Education, leads this D.Ed. concentration.
  • Contact him at or 541.346.1640. Note the Policy and Leadership concentration in your email subject line or voicemail.

Regardless of concentration, all D.Ed. students may choose from one of three dissertation options, all of which are designed to affect changes in practice

  • a scholarly article for an audience of academics and researchers
  • a grant proposal for an audience of potential funding organizations, or
  • a policy analysis for an audience of state/local education authorities or professional organizations.

To learn more, attend the webinar.

Hear from outstanding state education leaders on what they gained from the program and how it has affected their career choices.

To apply, click here.

For further information, contact Student Services Coordinator Angela Burham ( or 541.346.1492).