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The College of Education Commencement Ceremony for 2017

will be held Monday, June 19th from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

in the Matthew Knight Arena.


RSVP for the COE Ceremony here!

Information about the morning UO Ceremony is be available at the main UO Commencement website.
What to do to prepare for the ceremony:

• RSVP for the College of Education ceremony by Friday, May 12th, 2017.  RSVP today!  You may still register after May 12th, but your name may not appear in our program.  

• Declare your intent to graduate -- For more information on receiving your degree from the university, visit the University of Oregon Registrar's webpage (students may participate in the ceremony whether or not they are completing their degrees Spring term)

                                 Graduate Deadline: Friday, April 14, 2017, apply at the Graduate School website

                                 Undergraduate Deadline: Sunday, April 30, 2017, apply using Duckweb

• Grad Fair at the Duck Store, where you can purchase your cap, gown and other commencement accessories is April 10-13, 2017.  Visit the UO Duck Store website for additional information. Online ordering will begin at the beginning of April.

• Lodging for out of town guests can be located at the main UO Commencement hotel website.

• Parking and information about access to campus on the day of commencement is located at the main UO Commencement parking website.

• Professional photographers will be taking photos that day.  Links will be posted on the COE website after the ceremony.

• If you or members of your family need any special accommodations on that day such as accessible seating/parking or sign language interpreters, please let Lisa Fortin know by May 30, 2017. Any requests made after that day may not be able to be accommodated.  For any questions, email

• The College of Education ceremony will last about 2 hours.  RSVP today!

• For any commencement questions, contact Lisa Fortin, Director of Events and Recruitment at