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Get or Renew Your License

If you already hold a Preliminary Administrator License (PreAL) in Oregon (from any approved Oregon licensure program), you may renew your license every three years. By the completion of your ninth year of your PreAL, you must have either earned a PhD or DEd in Educational Administration (*), or have completed an approved ProAL program. In addition to the course work requrement, you must also have served for three years in a licensed administrative position.

For each 3-year renewal, you must show "progress" in an approved ProAL Program. TSPC defines "progress" as completion of 9 quarter credits. Please look at your current PreAL license and locate the expiration date. You will need to complete 9 credits by the end of the term BEFORE your expiration. For instance, if your license expires November 15, 2013, you will need to complete the 9 credits by the end of the Summer 2013 term.

To renew your license, you will follow the steps defined by TSPC in the email you will receive from TSPC. One of the steps in renewing your license is submitting a transcript of your progress in a ProAL program or PhD/DEd in Educational Administration (*).

To apply to TSPC when you have completed the Professional Administrator Licensure program (or a PhD or DEd in Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership), please notify us when you believe you have completed your requirements. When you have completed all ProAL requirements, we will complete our recommendation to TSPC on your behalf. You will need to follow the TSPC steps to apply for your Professional Administrator License.

(*) A PhD or DEd in the University of Oregon's Educational Methodology, Policy, or Leadership qualifies for this option.