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Department of Education Studies
Educational Foundations

Admissions PODCAST: Dr. Alison Schmitke


Hi everyone…

Welcome to the Educational Foundations podcast about the admissions process. My name is Dr. Alison
Schmitke and I am the Educational Foundations Program Director.

Thank you for taking the time to apply to the program.  This podcast will provide information to
help you complete the application.

Let’s begin by talking about who applies to the Educational Foundations major.

•   We attract students who are committed to social change through the field of education. The
Educational Foundations major is undergraduate preparation for future elementary teachers.  Our
graduates are highly competitive applicants for entrance into graduate teacher education programs
(such as UOTeach at the University of Oregon).

•   The major is a two year program of study across the junior and senior year.  Students apply to
the program during the winter term of their sophomore year.  Applications are due February 3, 2017.

SO…do you want to contribute to social change as a future elementary teacher? By the time of
application, will you have completed a minimum of 50 quarter credits? Do you have a 2.75
GPA?  If yes – then you are eligible to apply to the Educational Foundations major. Applications
are evaluated based on the three categories:

•   Academic performance
•   Oral and written communication
•   Experience with children

Let’s talk about the first category: academic performance. The transcript and recommendation letter
from a community college or university instructor convey to the admissions committee your academic
skills and potential.  A high GPA is not a deal maker and a low GPA is not a deal breaker – the admissions
committee is interested in applicants who present a complete story.

That leads us to the second category: oral and written communication. The essays and recommendation
letters are evidence of your skills as a communicator. The admissions committee is interested in
applicants who are articulate and purposeful in classroom discussions, in writing assignments, and
one-to- one communication.

The last category is experience with children.  Recent and relevant experience is required of all
applicants. This means you arranged an experience during the time of your enrollment at a community
college or university - so in the least year or so. This experience can be volunteer, work, or as
part of a class (such as FHS 407/409 or PHIL 399).  The recommendation letter from your supervisor
tells the admissions committee about your skill and potential with young people. In addition,
applicants often write about the significance of their professional experience with children in

Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Educational Foundations major.  As I mentioned,
applications are due February 3, 2017 and the application is available on the website. The
admissions committee will begin the review process and decision letters are sent by Week 9 of
winter term.  As you prepare to submit your application materials, please let me know if you have any questions.  My
email is on the website.  Angel Dorantes and Keri Baker are also available to answer your questions.

Finally – consider attending an information session about the admissions process with Angel
Dorantes. The sessions are titled the ABCs of EDF.