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The first Dan Close scholar is ...

Josie Johnson is petite, gracious, and polite. She’s a good student—good enough to have received a Pathway Oregon scholarship and now the inaugural Dan Close Scholarship from the College of Education. It was not always this way.

Better together: Leah Barrera and Jackie Ochoa

by Erica Borowski '16 (journalism)

Leah Barrera and Jackie Ochoa are best friends by nature, sisters at heart. Friends since 7th grade, the two have found unity through similar Hispanic roots, a home base in Eugene, and a shared passion for teaching. Together they are courageous, inspiring, fearless, and seemingly unstoppable.

What a bunch of squares: Student quilt project launches 'Our Space'

Laurie Kahn seems to like making things. More accurately, she likes watching students make things. Last fall, her EDST 111: "Educational issues and opportunities" class painted a bunch of desks; this past spring, they made a quilt. Can interpretive dance be far behind?

'Getting out' and getting invested with Service-Learning students

by Erica Borowski '16 (journalism)

Between swing dancing, intramural sports, volunteering, and being full-time students, dynamic duo Miranda Miller-McCarthy and Nicole Whitehurst are anything but ordinary. With a shared passion for teaching and gaining hands-on experience, they actively dedicate their hearts and souls to making their community a better place.

Four Participant Spaces Still Open for Courts for Kids!!

It's Not Too Late!  

Now hear this: Project AMP aims to increase access for students with hearing loss

One in five college students are not getting all the information they need from their classrooms. It’s not teaching that is lacking—it’s merely a lack of amplification barring them from hearing everything said by their instructors.

Stage actors are instructed early on to imagine that their voice must reach someone at the back of the theater. This helps them project when they’re facing downstage and reminds them to really belt it out when they’re not.

Early childhood emphasis shifting from non-traditional to traditional students

(Front row, l. to r.: Chaundi Price, Gwen Mooney, Kathleen Jensma, Juanita Rodriguez, Edith Baumgart, Jeannie Gerard. Back row, l. to r.: Tammy Culbertson, Mary Beattie-pro-tem instructor, Kathy Moxley-South-FHS co-director and FHS-ECE coordinator, Kelly Warren-FHS assistant director and field study coordinator, Christi Boyter-academic advisor)

Dan Close to receive Beckman award

ATLANTA, GA—On Saturday, November 14, ten distinguished professors from around the US will be honored with a $25,000 cash tribute from the Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award Trust for motivating a former student to make a difference in his or her community. Dan Close, PhD, an associate professor in the College of Eduation's Family and Human Services program, is among the awardees.

Bilingual ed restrictions hurt California, says UO's Umansky

A 1998 voter referendum that strictly limited bilingual education in California's public schools has weakened educational efforts and held back non-English-speaking children, according to a report led by the UO's Ilana Umansky.

FHS' Haley honored with Kilcullen scholarship


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