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Previous Award Recipients

College of Education Recognition Awards

These awards recognize individuals and organizations who have made significant impact in their local communities. They are people who help enrich children, schools, and communities because of their values of providing opportunity and encouraging excellence. 

PDF List of Past Recipients 1997–2008

Outstanding Alumnus Award

This award is given each year to one alumnus or alumna whose contributions have national impact on educational policy, professional practice, community service, or research and scholarship.  Nominees must have received one degree from the University of Oregon.

Year   Award Recipient  UO Degree(s)

2015  Edward Kame'enui, Ph.D. Special Education, PhD 1988, Special Education, MS 1977

2014  Michael W. Bullis, Ph.D.  Special Education, PhD 1983

2013  Kenneth W. Merrell, Ph.D.  Educational Psychology, PhD 1988, Education, MS 1988

2011  Daniel D. Sage, D.Ed.  Education, DEd 1965;Education, MEd 1955; Psychology, BS 1949

2010  Anderson J. Franklin, Ph.D.  Counseling Psychology, PhD 1968

2008  Judson H. Taylor, Ph.D.  Education,  BA 1960; Education,  MEd 1962

2007  Hill M. Walker, Ph.D.  Education,  PhD 1967; Education,  MA 1964

2006  James J. McWhirter, Ph.D.  Education,  MEd 1964; Counseling Psych,  PhD 1969

2005  Calvin M. Frazier, D.Ed.  Education,  MEd 1961; Education,  DEd 1964

2004  Michael C. Holen, Ph.D.  Educational Psych,  PhD 1971; Educational Psych,  MA 1968

2003  Derald W. Sue, Ph.D  Counseling Psych,  PhD 1969; Educational Psych,  MS 1967

2002  Anita Bell McClain, Ph.D.  Elementary Education,  BS 1964

2001  Bud Fredericks, D.Ed.  Special Education,  DEd 1969

2000  Robert W. Blakeley, Ph.D.  Speech,  MS 1958

1999  Maurine Brown Neuberger  Education,  BA 1929

1998  Verne A. Duncan, Ph.D.  Educational Policy & Management,  PhD 1968

1998  Jordan D. Schnitzer  English,  BA 1973

1997  Anne Sistrom Erwin  History,  BS 1984

1997  Robert L. Rose, Ph.D.  Educational Policy & Management,  PhD 1969

1996  Daniel J. Reschly, Ph.D.  Educational Psych,  PhD 1971

1995  Mary-Beth E. Fafard, Ph.D.  Special Education,  PhD 1976

1994  A. Clarence Hines, D.Ed.  Education,  DEd 1950

1991  Elva Duran, Ph.D.  Curriculum & Instruction,  PhD 1978

1990  Luvern L. Cunningham, D.Ed.  Educational Policy & Management,  DEd 1958

1989  Dale P. Parnell, D.Ed.  Education,  MEd 1957; Educational Policy & Management,  DEd 1964  

* 2009 - No Outstanding Alumnus was selected, due to the opening of new building facilities. 2012 - No Outstanding Alumnus was selected due to changes in award procedures.

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