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Graduates Reflect

University of Oregon College of Education graduates make connections between a focus of study that seeks to support educational opportunities for all, and the influence they bring to classrooms and communities every day. Do you have a story? Email us!

Rhea Cramer '08

Family and Human Services alumna Rhea Cramer became interested in special needs education as she watched specialists help one of her brothers who has a form of autism. Currently a master's student in special education, Cramer hopes to eventually work with special needs children under age five.

"Getting a scholarship and going to college has just totally changed my world and given me opportunities that a lot of people don't have," she says. "I don't think they'll ever know exactly what they've done for me."

Joseph Claunch '08

Shortly after Joseph Claunch left Wa Le Hut Indian School as a troubled eight-year-old, his family moved across the country. Twenty years later, Claunch returned to the school to student teach—the final step of completing a master’s degree from the University of Oregon College of Education.

Donna DuBois '05

Educational Leadership alumna Donna DuBois is Oregon's Teacher of the Year in 2010!

“My classes in educational leadership helped define how the teacher fits the professional leadership piece into an already demanding role of implementing classroom management and effective lessons,” DuBois said. “There is so much to do in every building and never enough of us to fully address the extra coordination and communication involved in the site council, advisory councils and every curriculum area’s workgroup. All rely on teacher leaders. Master’s-level study in educational leadership truly prepared me for those roles."

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