Professional Administrator License (Holds PreAL License)

Our Professional Administrator License (ProAL) program is designed for educational leaders pursuing the required Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission’s (TSPC) professional administrator license.

TSPC requires district office administrators to complete an advanced administrator certification process by earning a ProAL.

The ProAL curriculum enhances and deepens an administrator’s leadership knowledge of equity, policy, law, governance, and ethics.

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Why earn a Professional Administrator License (ProAL)?

Our ProAL program is designed to expand the skills of educational leaders to meet the challenging demands of their careers in educational administration.

This program emphasizes the development of expertise in professional practice and is intended for individuals who wish to pursue careers at the district office level, for example:

  • Superintendents
  • Assistant superintendents
  • District department administrators
  • School-based administrators pursuing district office positions

Our ProAL program is designed to integrate the knowledge base of academic study with professional self-reflection, career-long learning, and an individualized practicum experience.

ProAL students develop a deeper understanding of research and best practices in:

  • Equity
  • Educational leadership
  • School reform and restructuring
  • Educational change
  • Organizational development

How Can I Participate from a Distance as a ProAL Student?

We offer a fully supported, synchronous distance-learning program for our ProAL students. ProAL classes include both local and distance learners.

All students have the same opportunity to gain knowledge from our expert presenters and faculty.


Our ProAL program is fully accredited by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC), and therefore all of our curriculum is aligned with the TSPC standards.

Oregon requires district administrators in public school districts to hold administrative licenses through an accredited agency.

ProAL Program Requirements

The ProAL coursework and practicum satisfies the 27 credit hours required for a TSPC Professional Administrator License (ProAL).

Total Credits: 27 Credits

  • Coursework: 24 Credits
  • Practicum Experience: 3 Credits, which equates to a minimum of 120 hours of clinical administrative experience

ProAL Course Work

The ProAL course work is comprised of 7 academic classes (24 credits) and 3 credits of practicum work.

Academic Classes – 24 Credits

EDLD 607 Executive Institute4
EDLD 607 Governance and Ethics4
EDLD 655 Analysis of Teaching and Learning3
EDLD 683 State and Local Policy3
EDLD 638 Advanced School Law3
EDLD 675 School Finance3
EDLD 621 Equity and Achievement3

Practicum Work – 3 Credits

EDLD 609 ProAL/CAL Practicum 3

ProAL Licensure and Certification

ProAL students complete 27 ProAL credits for coursework and practicum hours. Once completed, ProAL candidates are eligible to apply to Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission for the Professional Administrator License.