Concurrent MEd – Preliminary Administrator Licensure Program (Licensure and Master's)

The Concurrent Master of Education – Preliminary Administrator Licensure is available specifically for students enrolled in our PreAL program who do not yet have a master’s degree.

Our master’s program features collaborative involvement between university faculty and the student, which fosters mentor relationships.

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Why earn a Concurrent MEd – PreAL?

Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) requires administrator candidates to possess a master’s degree to obtain a Preliminary Administrator License.

As a PreAL student, if you do not have a master’s degree, we offer a two-year Concurrent MEd – PreAL 45-credit program.

In the first year of the program, students complete the PreAL requirements; all 26 PreAL credits apply toward the Concurrent MEd – PreAL degree.

During the second year, students complete their master’s degree classes.

Concurrent MEd – PreAL Program Prerequisites

Applicants must:

  • Be accepted in the UO PreAL Program.
  • Be able to complete the master’s degree concurrently with the Pre-AL program
  • Hold, or be eligible to hold, a TSPC license
  • Verify three years of full-time successful TSPC licensed experience
  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Complete the UO Graduate School application for the MEd

Program Requirements

Total Credits in a Typical PreAL program: 26 Credits (one-year or two-year programs available)

  • Course work: 17 Credits
  • Practicum Experience: 9 Credits (360 hours of clinical administrative experience)

Concurrent MEd – PreAL Program Course Requirements

First Year – 26 Credits

EDLD 607 Seminar: School Law and Social Justice4
EDLD 607 Seminar: Academic Organization and Planning4
EDLD 607 Seminar: Supervision and Instructional Leadership3
EDLD 607 Seminar: School Management and Budget3
EDLD 607 Seminar: Ethics and School/Community Relations3
EDLD 609 Practicum9

Second Year – 19 Credits

EDLD 620 Educational Leadership3
EDLD 623 Cultural Adaptation of Evidence-Based Practices3
EDLD 624 Leading for Equity3
EDLD 625 Survey and Questionnaire Design3
EDLD 643 Evidence-Based Decision Making3
EDLD 685 Master's Project4

Contact Information

For more information about applying to the Concurrent MEd – PreAL program, please contact Angela Burham