Apply to the Preliminary Administrator Licensure Program

Application Deadline

The admission deadline for the 2019–20 PreAL program is Friday, March 15, 2019.

If all openings are not filled, applications may be accepted after the deadline.

Admissions Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Preliminary Administrator Licensure program, applicants must hold, have held, or be eligible to hold a teaching license from Oregon, or another state, and verify three years of full-time successful licensed teaching experience.

For more information about applying to the PreAL, please contact Angela Burham.

PreAL Application Instructions

If you already hold a master’s degree, fill out the PreAL Application Packet and enclose a check for $20 payable to the University of Oregon.


Send official graduate transcript that shows the awarding of your master’s degree.

If you completed your master’s program at the University of Oregon, you may submit an unofficial transcript.

Three Letters of Recommendation

Include three completed PreAL Recommendation Forms, to the extent possible, from:

  • Your current or most recent supervisor or administrator
  • Administrators who can speak to your potential as a school administrator

Goal Statement

Provide a clearly written goal statement (approximately 500 words) describing:

  1. Your interests and future plans in educational administration
  2. Your experiences that demonstrate your potential for educational leadership


A current résumé summarizing your professional experience in education and verifying three (3) years teaching experience.

Character Questionnaire

Complete character questionnaire included in the PreAL Application Packet.

Fingerprint Packet Inquiry

Complete fingerprint packet inquiry form included in the PreAL Application Packet.