Administrator Licensure Program

Why earn an administrative license?

Our Administrator Licensure Program (ALP) offers students an advantage in the highly competitive environment of school administration—both in the Preliminary Administrator Licensure (PreAL) program and the Professional Administrator Licensure (ProAL) program.

ALP students become the school and district leaders who can maximize learning for all students. Our well-rounded programs, both the PreAL and ProAL, train students to make a difference in schools and districts throughout Oregon.

We work to prepare educators to be highly effective school leaders who can work through others to improve outcomes for all students, and are capable of “turning around” a school’s performance in any area of need, as indicated by school data, state, and district goals/initiatives, and the values of achievement, equity, ethical leadership, good citizenship, and preparedness for future challenges.

Program Options

Program Costs

Current licensure program tuition through Continuing and Professional Education is $450 per credit hour (subject to change) for both the PreAL and ProAL.


Our PreAL and ProAL programs are fully accredited by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).

Oregon requires administrators in public schools to hold administrative licenses through an accredited agency.