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Support the College of Education

Support for education brings the surest return on your investment. UO College of Education students go on to impact the lives of thousands of children and families through their work in schools, clinics, human services agencies, and universities. Research developed at the University of Oregon College of Education influences public policy and creates the most effective learning strategies which impact educational and social services practices in the United States and around the world. Alumni and friends are critical partners in any university’s success. Support and interaction with donors provides feedback and financial support to improve and sustain success. To give now, visit the College of Education page at the UO Foundation.

Alumni Events

For information about upcoming events, contact
Andrea Olson
1215 University of Oregon 
Eugene, OR 97403 

UO Alumni Association

The UOAA community makes the University of Oregon stronger by fostering lifelong relationships, helping Ducks become champions and cheerleaders, ambassadors and advocates, for the university. Launched in 1879 with five alumni, the UOAA is proud of its long history of keeping alumni connected to the university and offering a wide array of opportunities for service. With a membership of 18,000, the Alumni Association serves as an important connection to the university for the more than 180,000 alumni around the world.